The Creation process


In order to sustain high quality production, a delicate and labour-intensive process is employed. Many aspects of the production are either rare in shoe-making or unique to Dorraj.


Each of the leather pieces from which a shoe is made is folded and bound at the edges before stitching, including those used in the all-leather linings. Eyelets are hand-lacquered to perfectly match the skin before being mounted on the upper, while tassels are made of special laminated rayon yarn to provide a distinctive metallic luster.


Great care is taken in the construction of each pair of Dorraj shoes, from the cutting of the skins through to the hand stitching and finishing touches. Each pair is left on the form for as long as possible before being soled so that the shoes can better retain the memory of their shape. This ensures that each pair is highly comfortable and long-lasting.


The finishing touch with every shoe is the application of Dorraj’s signature high-shine small steel tag. Each of these undergoes treatments more typically used in the aerospace, electronics and Formula One motor-racing industries: each tag is etched using a special electrical discharge machining process, then coated with blue ceramic by nano-particle deposition to give it a surface hardness close to that of diamond.

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