• DORRAJ is due to host their second pop-up store in Belgravia.

    DORRAJ, a company that manufactures and retails luxury hand-made Italian footwear for both men and women is know for their unique style of combining of exotic skins with sophisticated handmade shoes. Launched in 2012 Dorraj has become a household name amongst the elite set in London, New York and Paris.
    The label will be hosting a pop-up store at The Belgraves Hotel this February from the 19th – 21st and will give visitors the opportunity to purchase from a beautifully curated selection of high-tops, sneakers and formal slippers made from a variation of skins including python and ostrich leather.
    The collection is compromised of high-top and low-top sneakers in sumptuous python skin and suede. They come in an array of eye-popping colours, red, yellow and blue, as well as the more subtle black and white. Their hand-made quality ensures the shoe is long-lasting and of the highest comfort. See the collection here:


     Pop-up Details:

     Date: 19th - 21st February 2015

    Time: 11am-7pm

    Venue: Room 100, The Belgraves Hotel

    For further inquires please contact Liz on, +44 207 493 7389
  • Unisex Fashion?

    The Boys (and Girls) are Back in Town

      The recent AW14 Men’s fashion weeks marked a new wave of gender-neutral fashion that is proliferating itself across the fashion industry. I can attest that after exposing myself to hours of fashion week coverage, it was the visual marriage of the dapper attendees and the dynamic runway designs that left me desperate to appear in public looking like the birth child of A$AP Rocky and T-Michael. Obviously, my impinging on society in that fashion would be completely absurd. Which is why I am eternally indebted to designers such as JW Anderson, Marques Almeida’s unisex collection for Opening Ceremony and Richard Nicoll’s S/he collection who have created an evident profusion of gender ambiguity through their creations. These designers have given the nod to the initiation of the unisex trend, and I admit with confidence and sheer thrill that the genre of gender-neutral dressing is the new unacclaimed hero of high fashion.
  • Smarts and Sneakers

    Why you should be blurring the lines between smart and casual

     Since the introduction of the haute-sneaker- collector cult which roughly began around 2010, casual sneakers have entered into the formal domain. With warning to proceed with caution, this trend is receiving its nod of approval from us.
     Last November, Saks Fifth Avenue created a window display devoted to elaborate men’s sneakers, this month, a total of five windows were devoted to men’s sneakers, that’s why this time of year, the most noteworthy trendsetters are swapping their formal brogues for a pair of slick sneakers and sporting them with a tailored suit. With every new refined male who cultivates this trend, another phrase in the language of men’s fashion is being re-written. Of course, mixing formal with casual is risky business, but if this modus operandi is executed in the correct way, it can yield a seriously dapper, summer look. Jim Moore, creative director at GQ said that you have to “respect the suit”.
  • A Gentleman's Essentials

    The sweet freedom of summer is almost upon us, but while you stick out these last few rainy days, why not get your fashion game plan into gear.

     Among other items, such as actual clothing i.e. trousers and something to cover the top half of your body, these smaller accessories will flavour the gentleman’s flair in your wardrobe. exhibited below is a treasury of man-fab items which every city slicker should be in possession of. You can Blame the semblance on one of the world’s most loved imagery trends, ‘things organised neatly’.

    Universally trendy and always a top option for combining with monotones are a pair of grey python skin high-tops.

  • Why fashion is addicted to primary colours

    A look into the staple diet of colour.

     There’s no doubt that since the initiation of high fashion, yellow, blue and red in their saturated, true hues have become something of a standardized colour in every fashion contender’s wardrobe. These colours have a steady habit of resurfacing, season after season.  The same three colours that Google generate, as they pride themselves in one of the most established colour schemes in branding, and the same three Crayola colours that lured your attention as a toddler in kindergarten. More importantly, these colours have found their way onto the leathers, the silks and the denims of world’s most beautiful fashion pieces.

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